Our aim is to ensure the Client’s needs are satisfied by applying our knowledge and experience to make sure that lift and escalator schemes meet with the stated requirements, are within an agreed budget, are completed on time, and existing systems run at optimum efficiency with minimum down time.

To achieve this aim, we assist the Client and other appointed professionals in providing a suitable and  effective economic solution on time to suit any given situation.

We see the process of satisfying a Client’s needs as a continuous one, a circle (or spiral if you add the time element, reflected in our corporate logo) of a building’s life that can be joined at any point.

Planning and Specifying is necessary for a new scheme (or major refurbishment of an existing installation) to identify the Client’s requirements and translate these into a vertical transportation system; our Project Management ensures that the agreed specification, budget, programme and legal requirements are met; Maintenance Management by independent specialists keeps the completed installation in the best condition possible; and when parts are becoming obsolete, buildings are being purchased, leases are starting or finishing, etc, Surveying and Reporting identifies the real situation and provides appropriate solutions.

Our successful philosophy is to keep our clients at the centre of this circle; to keep them fully informed at all stages without troubling them with unnecessary detail; to present information on time in a clear and concise manner; to offer alternative solutions if and when appropriate; and to strive for Client Satisfaction.

We are willing to do only bits of ‘the whole job’ if needed: we have often written specifications and not seen the finished product, and carried out witnessed tests on a scheme specified by others.

Please browse our site to see how we can help you and how we have helped others —  some ‘landmark’ examples of this are shown on this page but there are many more on other pages. We are always looking for new and interesting challenges, large or small, be it a new build or refurbishment project, surveys or making sure the maintenance is what it should be, so please contact us if you want us to add you to our list of satisfied clients.

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